How do you tell the whole story succinctly?


As a graphic designer for many years, it was my job to organize information in a way that was easy to scan and get a point across quickly. As I moved into marketing, this was a handy skill to have. Not only could I convey a concept, I also knew tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

Simpler times

Back then I worked primarily on marketing collateral that was "offline:" Packaging, brochures, datasheets, and advertisements for magazines. The way we'd measure the success of our materials was through usage. Did the sales team order more? Was it helping increase sales? We didn't know. We didn't test against other content or layout and we didn't know.

Information overload

Fast forward to today. We track everything. The challenge is, we have so much information that we collect, we have to prioritize what we communicate to our stakeholders in fear of overwhelming them.

One of the biggest challenges I faced when I managed testing and optimization was how to aggregate findings programmatically across multiple tests. That is, elevating the story as to what we learned beyond each individual test. I manually pulled this type of information together and sadly, all my design background was of no help. It was communicated through bullets and my voiceover. 

Being succinct  

I'd love to hear what challenges you've faced in communicating a complex story succinctly, and how you overcame it.