A step-by-step guide to conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Before you embark on a conversion rate optimization program, you must assess current resources, infrastructure, and process before you can execute, report, and iterate. This guide will help you get started.

Phase I: An Audit

To get started, you need to assess where you are. This includes ensuring goals are set, analytics implementations are tidy, and you have the right team in place, or at the very least, the right resources to get the work done. 

Phase II: Best practices 

There are lots of best practices that can be utilized at this stage:

  • Align your testing strategy with business goals

  • Develop a framework to help with a predictable, repeatable process

  • Begin to generate test ideas and execute on them

  • Report on the outcome and iterate

Phase III: Implementation 

To actually hit the ground running, careful planning, process, and infrastructure needs must be in place. Your audit will help you identify the gaps and ensure you're ready to go. 

Communication and constant iteration is very much part of implementation. You must keep colleagues informed of your plans to earn their trust. 

Download the guide

For far more detail and templates for download, get the step-by-step guide to conversion rate optimization to leverage for your own program. 

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