How to scale your marketing organization

As your company grows in size and sales, your marketing efforts will need to scale along with it. Fundamentally, the stages teams go through are: 


Here's how to transition across each stage. 

More than fundamentals: Transitioning from Undefined to Progressive 

Where start-ups once were able to function with one person managing all marketing activities, they've grown and that person alone can't manage it all. Once you introduce other people in marketing, roles and processes (informal or formal) will start to form. To meet the demands of this growth, consider:    

  • Dedicating staff to specific functions

  • Offering rich media content

  • Allocating budgets for paid media

  • Evaluating tools or platforms for specific functions and workflows

  • Monitoring and tracking performance

Growing pains: Moving from progressive to mature

This is probably the most challenging transformation as it's most akin to "growing pains." Now functions within marketing may have multiple people and the tools that worked before will not scale with your needs. Consider:   

  • A defined, integrated marketing strategy

  • Platforms working together (web content management, social listening, CRM, MA systems)

  • Prioritization of customer journey

  • Budget with business case to justify spend

  • Governance of standards

  • Dashboards to monitor performance

The ultimate: Growing from mature to world-class

A world-class marketing organization takes time, requires commitment, and has buy-in and trust at the executive level. To achieve this, marketing: 

  • Has an integrated, defined strategy

  • Measures campaigns by effectiveness of engagement and conversion

  • Has a test-and-learn mentality

  • Is viewed as a key component of customer engagement

  • Is measured for contributing to sales

  • Utilizes end-to-end systems with tight integrations

  • Personalizes content in real-time

  • Is mobile-optimized

  • Is aligned cross-functionally to ensure streamlined customer experience

  • Applies an attribution model

  • Develops enterprise-wide dashboards with visual representation

Getting there

It's not going to happen over night. We can guide you through each stage based on your priorities, skills, and resources.