Technology partners

Type 26 partners with a number of different companies to provide the best service to our customers. Below are a few premier partners we work with to improve customer performance.

Website hosting

Type 26 is a Squarespace Circle Member, which comes with benefits we pass on to our customers:

  • 6 month trial periods

  • 20% discount off the first year of an annual plan

  • Early access to new features being tested

If you’re considering redesigning your website, talk to us about setting up a Squarespace trial through us to lengthen the time you can work on your site before paying.

Scheduling automation

Acuity Scheduling is tightly integrated with Squarespace, but can be used with any website hosting platform. Acuity allows:

  • Your customers to schedule meetings

  • You to block of multiple calendars

  • You to manage multiple people and locations

  • You to customize your schedule page

  • More (see more features)

CRM and Marketing automation

Managing your customers is the heart of managing your business. Type 26 has joined the HubSpot partner program to get the most out of HubSpot Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Growth Hub. Type 26 starts customers off with HubSpot free CRM to help manage customers, create lists, send emails, and collect information via forms. If you’re not using any CRM tool, schedule a consultation and we can help assess what’s right for you.