Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)



Before you embark on a conversion rate optimization program, you must assess current resources, infrastructure, and process before you can execute, report, and iterate. The CRO package helps companies:

  • Establish a testing culture

  • Define the framework

  • Support test idea generation

  • Execute and report on tests

The process


The assessment starts with an intake form to understand business goals, traffic sources, eCommerce capabilities, content sources, measurement and reporting tools, and regional considerations.


The outcome is providing a framework and how to generate test ideas and execute on them. Technology providers will be assessed and recommendations made based on current tools.


After the framework has been established and infrastructure is in place, planning for test ideas can start to take place. Ramp-up will start slowly to pressure test the site, technologies, and ideas. Then your CRO program will be underway.

Ongoing support 

This is an ongoing monthly program designed to increase conversions. 

Lisa Flosznik