Customer Relationship Management



Your customers should be nurtured to increase value to your company by creating loyal evangelists who are an extension of your sales team. 

The process 


The process starts with filling out a detailed Customer Relationship Marketing intake form to understand current programs, customer segmentation, technologies in place, and metrics, including:

  • Review all contact communications to customers (newsletters, other emails, call logs, etc.)

  • Recency of engagement with customer (how many times they have come back to school or joined clinics)

  • Frequency and form of contact

  • Messages within the communications method

  • Review past reports

  • Assess database of customers

  • Understand how Customer Care accesses this list/interacts with previous customers

  • Customer feedback mechanisms (how do you get feedback?)

  • Assess technology providers (email provider, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors, etc.)


Recommendations are based on best practices, overall processes, and technologies. Specifically:

  • Technology provider implementation for Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer feedback tools & implementation (e.g. surveys after school completion)

  • Develop workflow to feed survey information into database of happy customers to leverage as a reference or suggestions for improvement

  • Segmentation of customer lists

  • Develop new programs to nurture customers and find new ones

  • Set up goals, tracking, and reporting best practices


  • CRM technology onboarding

  • List segmentation

  • Engagement plan for 2 segments

  • Email templates created

  • 3 emails per month

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