Media planning and optimization



By planning all marketing tactics at once, you can save money, understand how each work together, and remove the complexity of determining which tactics are best.

The process


The process starts with filling out a detailed Demand Generation intake form to understand your current inbound marketing landscape, including:

  • What advertising is in place today

  • Media plan (if applicable)

  • Publishers utilized

  • Frequency of campaigns; scope of impression volume

  • Creative elements

  • Content and messaging

  • Budget allocation per channel

  • Reports for each of these channels


Recommendations are based on best practices, overall processes, and technology assessments, including:

  • Optimize marketing mix and budget allocation

  • Provide solutions for tracking and reporting

  • Evaluate the agreements with publishers


Type 26 will provide a media plan based on goals and budget allocation. Campaign set up and execution can be added for an additional fee with the following pre-requisites:

  • There is an analytics solution in place

  • There is an agreement with Type 26 to purchase media on your behalf

  • You will share account information for existing relationships

Ongoing support

An additional 2 months of support included to answer questions and remove obstacles.