Grow your business through marketing optimization.


Whether you’re just starting marketing efforts or need to take marketing to the next level, Type 26 is an extension to your team providing just-in-time resources and expertise to help grow your business.


Marketing foundation for start-ups

Small- to medium-sized businesses need to be nimble to keep up with the ever changing demands. Marketing can be a part-time job that is a necessary evil to stay ahead of the competition, but is not a core competency. 

Advanced marketing and extensions to your team

As your organization grows, your marketing needs and the way the team works together will change. By identifying potential roadblocks in running operations efficiently, you will be prepared for the next phase in your organization’s growth.  

Partner and technology evaluations

You want to stretch your marketing budget while supporting business goals. Evaluating and implementing the right tools and partnerships will ensure your budgets are used efficiently.


Email Best Practices – How to Avoid Striking Out

In baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out. But at least you get to begin every at bat with a fresh 0-0 count. With email marketing, each campaign begins with an 0-2 count and the marketer must dig themselves out of the deficit.