planning and goal setting 

Purpose: Setting goals and definition of objectives. Do you have your positioning and overall marketing strategies set?
Deliverable examples: Go-to-market strategy, goal alignment, positioning and messaging. 

Purpose: Identify gaps in process and/or tools for planning, executing, measuring, and reporting on marketing campaigns. 
Deliverable examples: Recommendations for campaign effectiveness. 

Operations and process 



Purpose: Identify current resources and marketing assets to define scope of creative needs.
Deliverable examples: Recommendations for marketing materials based on current resources. 

Measurement, analysis, and reporting

Purpose: Audit current analytics platform. Tag and set up tracking for campaigns. Establish cadence for reporting. 
Deliverable examples: Documentation on alignment of recommendations and proper tagging requirements. 

Testing and optimization


Purpose: Whether it's email subject lines, frequency of display ads, or web site conversion optimization, it's important to establish a robust testing culture. 
Deliverable examples: Best practices on how to apply testing and optimization to your organization.